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A Grail Quest
Unlike Any Other

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WHAT IF the humble washtub used at the Last Supper became the greatest wonder-working relic of all, instead of the celebrated cup?

Would it not in time be deemed so sacred that many would come to believe that a mere glimpse of the Holy Tub could wipe away the stain of all sins?

That is the premise behind Hunters of the Holy Tub.

In this tale, when its last keepers, the Knights Templar, inevitably fell, the Holy Tub vanished – but not completely. For seven hundred years, the Sacred Basin haunted their tomb in rare nocturnal ghostly visions.

Yet seekers never quit digging for it. When Doc MacLantis, television’s first scientific showman, mysteriously dies, his three adult children are to take up the quest to solve the ancient mystery which had so bedeviled their parents. Gus, Skip, and Allie must contend with hoaxed miracles, bitter rivals, other seekers, crazed fans, secret cults, spies, and even past loves. Not to mention sex, drugs, and rock and roll. If they succeed, they could redeem their family honor – or possibly bring about the end of the world.

Hunters of the Holy Tub: A Comedy of Belief is a rollicking, genre-mashing comic adventure novel. It is an epic romp through two thousand years of alternate history as a contemporary adult religious satire which plays off both ancient faith and modern cynicism. It is also an extended meditation on power, fame, the meaning of the sacred, and the strange and daring things people often believe and do in the hopes of achieving them.

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“Like Indiana Jones meets the Da Vinci Code
by way of Monty Python and the Holy Grail.
–Nigel Buckhorn

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A short Summary and a helpful Introduction have also been provided to allow those new to the mystery to dip their toes in the water.

For deeper enjoyment and reflection, the other half of this website, Vaults of the Maundy Grail, contains a veritable treasure trove of the rich background lore of the universe of the Holy Tub. The Vaults feature an extensive range of unique historical Documents found nowhere else. Other resources here include a full Chronology, plus helpful Maps and other artwork.

Welcome one and all –
adventure seekers, tubbers, and pothunters alike.
Explore and enjoy!

Tony Caganer

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“It is altogether remarkable
that such a tapestry of miracles,
betrayals, greed, fanaticism,
and in the end, unfathomable mystery
should arise out of a cracked piece of crockery
once borrowed
for a dinner party
and never returned.”

– Françoise Noël, The Visions of Old Bellegarde, 1947

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Discover Bellegraal