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LIKE pages blown about in the wind, Maundy Grail has left a untidy trail of scattered documents behind: letters, pious accounts, historical records, even plays and folktales. Here follows a list of references with links to those available in full or extacts on this site, as well as those which will be posted as soon as they become available.

History and Literature

Research Aids

  • Timeline
    – A detailed chronology spanning 33-2004.
  • Maps
    – Modern and historical views of the Cathedral, the town, and the region.
  • Cast of Characters
    – All the major personalities involved throughout the history of the Sacred Basin.
  • Bibliography
    – Listing all major documents concerning the Holy Tub and the Scolding Madonna published in English.


“The real decisions of History
are made in the smoke and shadows of small locked rooms.”

– Charles-Michel Beauregarde, Betrayers of the Red Cap, St. Louis, 1839

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