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Protectors Unknown

The Holy Tub as Prize

THIS VAULT is still under construction.

Regretfully, the estate of Prof. Raimondo Fatamorgana refuses to allow us to republish any excerpts of his independent work, including: Cracked: The Real Mystery of the Holy Tub (1965), Broken: The Mystery of the Holy Tub Revealed (2003), or the one co-authored with his nephew Cosimo and finished after his death, Shattered: The Mystery of the Holy Tub Solved (2011).

Likewise, due to ongoing lawsuits against that of the writer generally known as “Nigel” Buckhorn, it has been deemed advisable to refrain from publishing anything from Seekers of the Maundy Grail (2007), or Tall Tales and Cracked Pots (2009). But, it should be noted, despite his close contact with the MacLantis’ family during the critical events of 2004-5, he must be regarded as an unreliable source.

We deeply regret these necessary omissions and will continue to work with the International Nipterological Association and other parties for legal permission, so that all points of view on the subject may be adequately represented.

However, most of the events from the opening of the Vault in 1967 to the present are fully covered in Hunters of the Holy Tub.

Symbols and stegosaurus

Left: A collection of symbols found during the excavations in the catacombs during the 1970s. These signs include those for the Maundy Grail, the Scolding Madonna, and a variety of seekers, most unknown. Note the monogram of Doc MacLantis in the upper right.
Right: A representation of one of Don Yago’s “dragon bones.”

Documents to Come:

  • The Other Grail
    – Otto Rahn, excerpts, 1938
  • Endurism: An Unorthodox Religious Survival in Southern France
    – Capt. James H. MacLantis, OSS, 1944
  • The Holy Tub and the Holy Grail
    (often popularly called “Holy Tub, Holy Pail”
    – Dr. James H.MacLantis and Maureen Masterson, with Prof. Raimondo Fatamorgana, 1952
  • “Doc MacLantis Claims Pieces Prove Theory About Lost Relic”
    – Nigel Buckhorn, New Age News, 1995
  • “Digging It”
    – Nigel Buckhorn, Entertainment Galaxy, 2004

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Abbé Dupre is murdered the day after the start of World War I. Antoinette moves to Paris, opening a club for soldiers.
Glow on painting photographed by Émilien Montcélance shortly before his disappearance.
Otto Rahn publishes The Other Grail months before his suicide.
OSS Agent MacLantis parachutes into Bellegraal to work with Resistance.
On 26 August, while trapped under the cathedral by a bomb, Doc MacLantis discovers mysterious vault.
Doc recovers Don Yago’s “dragon bones.” Françoise Noël publishes The Visions of Old Bellegarde.
At unveiling of “The Grieving Mother” War Memorial, Doc meets future colleagues and wife. Françoise Noël dies.
Publication of Holy Tub, Holy Pail.
Doc and Maureen marry. Doc’s TV series, Doc’s Discovery Digs, premieres.
Maureen dies of the Plague.
Doc opens sand-filled Vault to great ridicule and retires.
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