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Present Day

The Holy Tub Revealed

MOST of the information that might go here is well-covered in Hunters of the Holy Tub. Little can be added as this site is devoted to history – old battles – rather than current, on-going disputes. See the Introduction and Behind the Veil for more information.

Regretfully, the estate of Prof. Raimondo Fatamorgana refuses to allow us to republish any excerpts of his independent research, including: Cracked: The Real Mystery of the Holy Tub (1965), Broken: The Mystery of the Holy Tub Revealed (2003), or the one co-authored with his nephew Cosimo and finished after his death, Shattered: The Mystery of the Holy Tub Solved (2011).

Likewise, due to ongoing lawsuits against that of the writer generally known as “Nigel” Buckhorn, it has been deemed advisable to refrain from publishing anything more than an occasional quote from Seekers of the Maundy Grail (2007), or Tall Tales and Cracked Pots (2009). But, it should be noted, despite his close contact with the MacLantis’ family during the critical events of 2004-5, he must be regarded as an unreliable albeit essential source. Historians will have to weigh his testimony carefully.

In any case, we deeply regret these and other necessary omissions and will continue to work with the International Nipterological Association and other pertinent parties for legal permission, so that all points of view on the subject may be adequately represented.

However, as mentioned, most of the events from the opening of the Vault in 1967 to the present are sufficiently covered in Hunters of the Holy Tub.

We leave you with this ominous memento mori as a final reminder for each of us to live every day to the fullest. The final judgment of the future hangs on events that fate has not yet brought forth. Is this a vision of the doom awaiting us? Only time will tell.

Come with me.

Death Beckons,” based on cover art for the book
Plague: An Ancient Disease in the Twentieth Century
by Charles T. Gregg (UNM Press, 1983)

Click for a larger version.

Documents to Come:

  • Welcome to Endurism
    – Matron Cynthia, religious tract, 2006

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During the Summer Festival in Bellegraal, the Clan MacLantis solves the mystery, and finds what is most likely the Most Holy Footbath of Christ.
Clan MacLantis demonstrates their solution to the mystery of the Vision. Endurists officially resurface.
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