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of the
Maundy Grail
And the Scolding Madonna

Major Works in English

THIS is not intended to be a comprehensive list by any means, but merely representative. New additions to the literature are constantly appearing, and zealous researchers are avidly seeking out lost and forgotten works all the time. Nor are all the books and articles listed below easily available, but it is offered as an aid to the further investigations of serious students.

Note that this list concentrates on works with serious historical or literary content, even if not all academic. James Branch Cabell’s adult fantasy opus Jurgen (a free ebook version of which is on this site) and his other novels set in Poictesme, however delightful, have not been included as they are all highly imaginative and placed a century previous to the Holy Tub’s arrival there.


Alfini, Silviano
Diary, entries for 17-20 June 1894
Alfini, Silviano
Documents Relating to the Reconstruction of Notre Dame de la Réprimande, 1890-1900
Constitutions of the Guardians of the Maundy Grail, found in Brodie, Bruce; Monitors of Suppressed and Independent Grades and Orders; London, 1888
Golden Legend of the Holy Basin, c. 400
The Passion of Prunella, c. 306
Secret Sayings of the Savior on Cleanliness, c. 220
Tales of Wandering Jacques; Leclerc, Louis (ed.); Bellegraal, 1972
Beauregarde, Jean-Baptiste
Betrayers of the Red Cap: Private Societies and Revolution; St. Louis, 1839, privately restored and edited by MacLantis, Dr. Augustine, 2007
Pope Boniface VIII
Papal Bull Omnipotentis Deus, Rome, 1300
Buckhorn, Nigel (pseud.)
“Doc MacLantis Claims Pieces Prove Theory About Lost Relic: Controversy, Mystery Surrounding Holy Tub Continues”; New Age News, 25 June, 1995
Buckhorn, Nigel (pseud.)
“Digging It: Clan MacLantis Prospects for Media Gold Once Again”; Sci/Fi Entertainment Galaxy, October, 2003
Buckhorn, Nigel (pseud.)
Seekers of the Maundy Grail, First edition, New York, 2007
Buckhorn, Nic
Tall Tales and Cracked Pots, New York, 2009
Bülg, G. J.
Poictesme in Song and Legend; originally published in Strasbourg, 1858, trans. J. B. Cabell, Lichfield, 1922
Chase, Rich
“Clever Jacques the Wanderer,” vol. 7 sect. 13 of Folklore and Fairy-Tales; London, 1889
Mother Cynthia
Welcome to Endurism, (brochure), Renewed Family of Penitence and Perfection, Bellegraal, 2006
Mother Cynthia
Love, Lashes, and Liberation: An Endurist Journey, Renewed Family of Penitence and Perfection, Bellegraal, 2008
Duardenois, Troy, and Shapiro, Maud
Once Upon an Inquisition, (musical adaptation of screenplay); debut 2005
Br. Eadward of York
Inventory of Imperial Treasures, Aachen, 801
Equerry, Sir Clive Randolph (ed.)
Who’s Whom Among the Landless Nobility, Gentry, Claimants and Pretenders; Edinburgh, 2004 ed.
Dupre, Abbé Michel
“The Miraculous Image Can Be Yours,” Advertising Brochure, Bellegraal, 1913
Fatamorgana, Cosimo and Fatamorgana, Professore Raimondo
Shattered: The Mystery of the Holy Tub Solved; New York, 2011
Fatamorgana, Professore Raimondo
“The Holy Tub: Myth, not Mystery,” Skeptical Investigator, April, 1959
Fatamorgana, Professore Raimondo
Cracked: The Real Mystery of the Holy Tub; San Francisco, 1965
Fatamorgana, Professore Raimondo
Broken: The Mystery of the Holy Tub Revealed; New York, 2003
Br. Gabriele of the University of Padua
Letter to the Pope Concerning the Knights Templar and the Sanctum Pelluvium, Avignon Secret Archives, 1316
Cardinal Gilles of Bellegarde
Correspondence from Gilles of Bellegarde to His Granddaughter, 1372-1379; Leclerc, Louis (trans. and ed.); Bellegraal, 1972
Grimm, Sigismundo
Tales of Geomy the Wizard; Lyon, 1793
Ieronimus Magus the Hermit Philosopher
Notebooks of Heronimo le Mage, 1351-1363; Leclerc, Louis (ed.); Bellegraal, 1976
Hellequin, Martin
The Secrets of the Sages, (play); c. 1625, found in the National Library, Paris, translated by Noël, Françoise
Empress Irene of Byzantium
Letter to the King of the Franks, 800
Jürgen the Poet
Pawned Verses, c. 1277 in Bülg, G. J., Poetry of Old Poictesme, Strasbourg, 1860 (see below)
Leclerc, Louis
Dom Manuel and Wandering Jacques in the Legends of Vieux Poictesme; Bellegraal, 1987
Lewistam, John Frederick
Popular Tales of Old Poictesme: Supernatural, Romantic and Legendary; London, 1855
MacLantis, Dr. Augustine
Applied Psychoceramics and Psi; Alvarado, 1996
MacLantis, Augustine
The Application of Basic Principles of Intuitive Archeology for Guided Sampling Techniques: A Case Study; (doctoral thesis), Alvarado, 1987
MacLantis, Gus
Exploring an Enchanted Landscape: A Mystical Tourist Guide to Bellegraal and Vieux Poictesme (with photos by Skip and design by Allie); New York, 1996
MacLantis, Capt. James H.
Endurism: An Unorthodox Religious Survival in Southern France, U.S. Dept. of War, Strategic Services Unit, European Branch, Background Information Report, SHAEF Headquarters, 15 October 1944, declassified June 2010
MacLantis, Dr. James H.
“Applied Pyrotechnics and Psychometry in Egyptology: A Practical Example,” Journal of Expeditionary Archeology, Fall 1957
MacLantis, Dr. James H. and Masterson, Maureen with Fatamorgana, Prof. Raimondo
The Holy Tub and the Holy Grail (also often called Holy Tub, Holy Pail); New York, 1952
Friar Martin the Sanguine
The Miracles of the Scolding Virgin, c. 1357, trans. by Noël, Françoise
Nelson, Jay (pseud.)
Once Upon an Inquisition, (screenplay); 2004
Noël, Françoise
The Visions of Old Bellegarde; Paris, 1947
Norbert, Norman
“Charlemagne’s Holy Tub: Labrum Sacrum Verum or Pia Fraus?”; Journal of Medieval Myths and Poetry; Lichfield, 1957
St. Prunella of Antioch
Testament of a Young Girl; 250, incorporated in Anonymous, The Passion of Prunella, c. 304
Acts of Peter and John, c. 180
Rahn, Otto
The Other Grail; Berlin, 1938
Fr. Ricardo of Seville (ed.);
Gilles of Bellegarde, secretary
Report of the Holy Inquisition of Bellegarde with Alleged Apparitions, A.D. 1337; Holy Office of Carcassonne, 1337
St. Thomas Aquinas (attrib.)
On the Well of Forgiveness, c. 1274
Br. Tobias the Shoeless
The Tears of the Virgin and the Garden of True Delight, c. 1689 Lyon, 1777, trans. Vintras, Josef; Bellegraal, 1969
Valdez, Prof. Alonzo with Leclerc, Louis
Wonderful Works of Light: Optical Science and Art in Old Bellegarde; Bellegraal, 1980
Von Teufel, Dietrich Wilhelm
The Secret Language of Statues; Vienna, 1854


“My magnum opus,
which in my pride I saw as a cathedral built of reason proving God to His world,
was utterly vain,
a temple built to folly.
I had built not a nest for the Spirit;
I had sought to cage it”

– St. Thomas Aquinas (attrib.), On the Well of Forgiveness, c. 1274

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