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Cast of Characters

Part 1: People Alive in 2004
and their Public Roles

Dr. James Heraclitus MacLantis (“Doc”)
Celebrity Archeologist, Film and TV Star, Chief Author: The Holy Tub and the Holy Grail (also called “Holy Tub, Holy Pail”), Re-discoverer of the “Dragon Bones” and the Vault, husband of Maureen, father of Skip, Gus, and Allie
Charles Scipio MacLantis (“Skip” or “Chip”)
Documentary Filmmaker, Climber
Professor Augustine Xenophon MacLantis (“Gus”)
Academic Archeologist, Author, Scholar
Alix Catherine MacLantis (“Allie”)
Art Historian, Owner of Allie Cat Art Gallery, TV Producer, Psychic Reader
Maya and Darla and Billy MacLantis
Skip’s ex-wife and children
Nigel Buckhorn
Writer, Journalist, former husband of Cindi
Cindi Salvage
Entertainer, Former Singer for “Barefoot Left”, ex-wife of Nigel
Professore Raimondo Fatamorgana
Historian, Co-Author: The Holy Tub and the Holy Grail, Author: Cracked, Broken
Astronome Lucien Lacnuit
Retired Astronomer, Heronimo Impersonator
Count Roland III
Claimant of the title, Lord of Chateau Bellegarde, International Financier and Collector
Cardinal Toussaint Mortens
Ordinary of the Archdiocese of Bellegarde and Inspector General of Marian Shrines for the Vatican
Bishop Daniel Galliard
Auxiliary Bishop of the Archdiocese of Bellegarde
Sr. Christine Santarovel
Cardinal’s Personal Representative
Chevalier Gordon Smedley-Fawksler,
Lord Fawkeslorne
Banker and Financier, Supreme Commander of the Knightly Guardians of the Maundy Grail (Outer) and Presumed Protector of the Pelluvium Sanctissimum Christi
Dame Melicent Smedley-Fawksler,
Lady Fawkeslorne
Heir Claimant of the Falconers
Angelique Montcélance
Anton Marcel
Benoit Montcélance
Resistance fighter, Groundskeeper, Angelique’s uncle
Abdul Farouk
Antiquities Dealer
Sundog and Moonbeam
Festival Merchants
Louis Leclerc
Author, Scholar and Publisher
Dr. Marco Faustino
(a/k/a “Dr. Death”) Medical Researcher and Freelance Paid Assassin
Jesús Rodriguez
Count Roland’s Herald, Butler, and Chief Bodyguard
Aysha Meyer
Lacnuit’s Assistant
Native David
Rock Star, Drummer for “Barefoot Left”
Hermann and Hulda Gumbel
Heads of the International Nipterological Conference
Doña Imelda Goldberg
Art Dealer, MacLantis’ family friend
Gerald Lought
MacLantis’ Agent
Cosimo Fatamorgana
Raimondo’s nephew
Madame Hélène
Owner of Café Mystérieux
Rupert “Taff” Tafford
Don Yago Imitator and Street Performer
Sr. Kathleen Bailey
Chief Librarian for the University of Alvarado
Sr. Gertrude Kooms
Proctor in Charge, Studiorum Scholasticum of the University of Alvarado Library
Reuben Rael Sanchez de Morino
Grad student and Staffer, University of Alvarado Library
Professor Emeritus Ignatius Mithers

Part 2: Historical Characters Otherwise Unknown

Maureen Masterson MacLantis
Art Historian, Co-Author: The Holy Tub and the Holy Grail, Wife of James, Mother of Skip, Gus and Allie
Françoise Noël
Resistance fighter, Author: The Visions of Old Bellegarde
Henri Montcélance
Resistance leader, Chief Designer, Sculptor of the “Grieving Mother” Monument, Angelique’s uncle
Gérard Demorven
Artist, philosopher

Antoinette Dupre
Housekeeper and niece of Canon, later Club Owner and Philanthropist
Canon Michel Dupre
Rector of the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Reprimand
Silviano Alfini
Architect, Painter, Last Visionary
Émilien Montcélance
Silviano’s Apprentice and Photographer, Uncle to Angelique

Jean-Baptiste Beauregarde
Author; Betrayers of the Red Cap
Don Yago Ionas the Reliquarian
Adventurer, Raconteur, Visionary, Discoverer of the “Dragon Bones” of Bellegarde

Br. Tobias the Shoeless
Shepherd, Visionary, later Hermit, Endurist Prophet and Author

Cardinal Gilles of Bellegarde “the Mad”
Inquisition Secretary, Knight, Baron of Bellegarde, later Archbishop and Grand Penitentiary of the Church
Br. Bertran
Gilles’ secretary and spy for Avignon
Sr. Alix of Beauvillage
Granddaughter of Gilles, later Lady Alison Falconer and Heiress
Sir Guy Falconer
Mercenary, occasional Brigand, later husband of Lady Alison
Baron René II
Baron of Bellegarde, son of Gilles and Bl. Madeleine, father of Alix
Maître Heronimo le Mage (Ieronimus Magus)
the “Hermit Philosopher”
Scientist and Alchemist
Friar Lorenzo of Venice
Astronomer, Architect, Alchemist, Confessor
Friar Jehan D’Laval
Chief Inquisitor of Depravity of the Holy Office
Fr. Martin the Sanguine
Flagellant, Founder of the “Sorrowful Community of Penitence and Perfection”
Sir Jacques of Bellegarde
Knight Errant, Visionary, Protector of the Holy Tub
Bd. Madeleine of Bellegarde
Beatified Visionary and wife of Gilles
Squire Simeon
the last Templar, Visionary, Protector of the Holy Tub
Bishop Pierre
Ordinary of Bellegarde, natural father of Gilles
Robert and Roger
Twin dwarf Assistants of Inquisitor D’Laval and later, Heronimo
Abel Montcélance
Sculptor, Assistant to Heronimo
Sir Edwin of Shrewsbury
Last Knight Templar Guardian of the Maundy Grail
Baron Guilliame the Fierce
Lord of Bellegarde
Br. Gabriele of the University of Padua
Consulting Exorcist and Theological Investigator
Fray Ricardo of Seville
Assistant Inquisitor

Br. Eadward of York
Abbot, Imperial Chronicler to Charlemagne

Blessed Abbot Gregorios the Hermit
Last Monastic Keeper of the Holy Tub

St. Prunella of Antioch
Virgin martyr and confessor, First Visionary
St. Murexius
Gladiator and martyr

St. Berenice
Simon Magus’ first wife, appointed Keeper of the Holy Tub by St. Peter
Centurion of the Jerusalem garrison


“Some things
must wait
until the world
is ready;
and the
Holy Tub.
No wonder
they are not promised
to arrive

Doc MacLantis

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