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Holy Tub Research

HERE BELONG helpful lists and other information to help make sense of it all, plus several popular books and cultural artifacts.

Latest Additions:

  • Timeline of the Holy Tub
  •  A chronology of all major events from 33-2004, the point when Hunters of the Holy Tub begins.

  • Maps
  • Showing the Cathedral and the modern city of Bellegraal, as well as how the town and region appeared in earlier times.

  • Cast of Characters
  • The major personalities involved in the long history of the Maundy Grail up to 2004, and their known public roles.

  • Bibliography
  • A brief listing of the main historical documents in English relating to the mystery.

  • Jurgen: A Comedy of Justice
    A FREE E-book
  • The original novel about the poet and pawnbroker of Bellegarde, written by James Branch Cabell, and which was banned in Boston, in several e-book formats free to download.

    Resources Still to Be Added:

  • Quotations
  • Notable sayings from history and literature, many of which are quoted in the right column sidebars of the site.

Cultural Documents Still to Be Added:

  • Holy Tub, Holy Pail
  •  (Actual title: The Holy Tub and the Holy Grail) A condensed version of the book from 1952 by Doc MacLantis, Maureen Masterson and Prof. Fatamorgana that first popularized the mystery in America.

  • Once Upon an Inquisition
  • A comic screenplay about the events surrounding the Vision of the Scolding Madonna in 1337, as seen through the young eyes of Gilles.


“Perhaps it is
but mad folly to earnestly seek this artifact
whose mysterious appearances promise death
on such a monumental scale.”

– Françoise Noël, The Visions of Old Bellegarde, 1947

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