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Templars with the Ark

Templars processing with the Holy Tub as they might have appeared indoors, as there is no awning shading the Ark, and after 1300 since they are bearing arms as well.


  • Top Level:
  • This page, the homepage, a helpful Introduction to the background of the novel, a spoiler-free Synopsis of the plot, plus Behind the Veil, containing vital information of interest to anyone curious about the background of the novel, and how this whole thing came about.

  • Hunters of the Holy Tub
  • The entire text (138,000 words) of this epic novel for your free enjoyment. Note: The story explains enough background needed to be fully enjoyed on its own.


    Vaults of the Maundy Grail

    For all tubbers and true fans as well those with questions, the other half of the site houses collections of additional background materials to enhance understanding and appreciation of the Maundy Grail and its significance. Everything is spoiler-free.

  • Historical Eras
  • Brief chronological descriptions with accompanying artwork illustrate the highlights of the colorful pageant surrounding the Sacred Basin, throughout the eight periods of its two-thousand-year history. Links to the most significant documents here on this site.

  • Documents
  • Mostly excerpts, these important texts show the many strange twists of fate which befell the Maundy Grail, along with the evolution of beliefs in its powers. All are original documents unique to this site. The earlier ones range from an apocryphal scripture to tales of martyrs and miracles. Medieval texts include a controversial papal bull and an even more doubtful theological tract, investigative and Inquisition reports, as well as a crucial heretical manifesto and some highly incriminating letters. From more recent times there are pages from an artist’s diary, and of course, a conspiracy theory or two. More will be added as they become available.

  • Resources
  • Additional helpful aids such as a timeline, several maps, a list of characters and a complete bibliography are listed here. Literature will be linked here as well. Already up is a famous fantasy novel set somewhat earlier in the region, Jurgen, by James Branch Cabell, as an ebook free for downloading.

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“It is altogether remarkable that such a tapestry of miracles, betrayals, greed, fanaticism, and in the end, unfathomable mystery should arise out of a cracked piece of crockery once borrowed for a dinner party and never returned.”

– Françoise Noël, The Visions of Old Bellegarde, 1947

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